reduce the need for commuting by distributing 'industry' to towns which are currently domitory

Instead of cramming lots of us together on public transport to take us to huge population centres (our cities) where we are in streets, stations and offices with lots of other folks, can we not prioritise moving work out to where people live? Pause all commuter house building and redirect the construction effort to providing (new and or repurposed) workspaces in dormitory or commuter towns, supported by superfast and reliable infrastructure (KEY PART!!!!) Incentivise organisations to collaborate and decentralise away from cities so that staff can work much closer to home in smaller groups. Negating the need to commute in large numbers. Build on the ability we have all learned to work from home, add back in the social contact of being able to work with small groups of others in contained and localised high functioning workspaces. This distributed work model reduces the longer term risk of future waves of reinfection (or new infections) from concentrating our working population in dense areas , prevents the roads choking with all those who are afraid of public transport in the short and medium term and brings work back to the heart of more rural communities. Our move towards an urban centric society increases risk of fast transmission, we need space between us and Scotland has LOTS of space, we don't need to all cram together to live or to work. We have proved the later in the lockdown.

Why the contribution is important

It is important to create short term fixes BUT think longer term sustainability of our economy and our wellbeing. Distributing work to where we (commuters) live, brings economic benefit to rural areas and reduces the number of people we come into contact with therefore reducing the transmission impact. Equipping commuter towns/villages with the best technology available to allow connection worldwide as well as with distributed organisations gives digital access to a whole community as well as helping reduce commuting. We need lots of new green shoots to support our battered economy to grow, this initiative could provide facilities to support that without the need to gather all the entrepreneurs in our overpopulated cities. The domestic internet provision has been creaking under the strain of so many people working from home. Putting state of the art facilities in small local hubs can give us time at a reduced level of transmission risk, to upgrade our domestic situations in preparation for possible further spells of self isolation. note: state of the art means robust, fast, easy access, unrestricted and easy to fix and upgrade. Not cheap, contracted to a mate because he voted whatever and bought as 'the nearest thing to the spec' as a job lot from X just because they are on the procurement roster!

by jeniandtim on May 11, 2020 at 08:32AM

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  • Posted by SAR May 11, 2020 at 08:45

    Good idea. This would also work for schools. Everyone has a school local to their home
  • Posted by DLRiley May 11, 2020 at 09:34

    There are already examples of shared work spaces like this in highland communities, I am thinking of Comrie for example. It can help businesses share ideas, working alongside other professions in the same workspace. I also agree that we need to reduce travelling. Edinburgh city bypass is often just a big carpark.
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