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I don’t know if this may sound like a silly idea but I thought about possibly keeping pupils back a year or something like that just to give them a better chance of catching up on the work they’ missed. My wee boy is due to start secondary school after the summer and I am very worried that as he was already a bit behind on some curriculum before lockdown and I know he’ll be even more behind now, I don’t know if he’ll be ready for secondary, I can’t be the only parent worried. Just a thought.

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Worried about all our kids futures and the bigger impact lockdown has on learning

by Weechez1974 on May 05, 2020 at 09:52PM

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  • Posted by Debrastorr May 05, 2020 at 22:12

    In many ways, we can turn bad to good : it’s long been thought that starting formal schooling a year later might be a good idea and if we need to be more flexible about “years’ then reducing pressure from the bottom might help.
  • Posted by Tartanwonder May 05, 2020 at 22:27

    Moving the cut off months and age for school starts in P1 (later by 5-6 months) could also be a way of taking the load off schools following the summer to allow for a smoother restart with new regime on timings, nature and scheduling of lessons etc. There are lots of positive with this but the knock on effect would be hard for nurseries which are mostly operating at capacity due to increased hours for parents.
  • Posted by Kimtewnion May 06, 2020 at 01:28

     With a child missing out on P1 and p7 I love this idea, we can raise the age a child is allowed to leave school to 17, to ensure all children leave school with a chance to secure qualifications
  • Posted by vivienwatt May 06, 2020 at 07:30

    I would love for the new school year to be postponed.
    If we get back in August I would like all our nursery children to come back to us regardless if they should be starting P1 so we can finish their year properly with our children and families . Have our transition program for children starting nursery and for those going to p1 . This should run from Aug to October holidays and then children can all move up to their new classes. This should happen across the board with all classes. This would also allow children to go back to familiar faces and just be themselves to work through the past few months with people they know and trust to reform relationships and friendships.
  • Posted by Lynness7 May 06, 2020 at 08:07

    I think this is a great idea for all. Pupils & teachers alike need time to adjust & accept things have seriously changed. Teachers will need extra time to assess pupils’ learning & needs, plan for change, next steps & transition for all ages & stages. Pupils will need time to get used to the new routines & rules of school, so keeping staff & classrooms/environments familiar as much as possible would help. We could potentially lose a third of a school year & then more time while being phased back in to school so therefore it would be an idea for pupils to remain in their current year groups & at the same time this could allow our school starting age to be changed in the future. This in turn would allow for a kindergarten stage which would aid the development of early years pupils through relationship centred & play based learning, as well as adhering to the rights of a child.
  • Posted by Katie May 08, 2020 at 01:14

    Agree and especially like the comments of vivienwatt and Lynness7 - really great reasons for running this year again - we need to make a bold decision to protect our children’s mental health and education for the longer term.
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