Register to Travel to Family

Create a website for people to request permission to travel within the UK. A simple checklist of questions would allow the site to simply assess whether the person posed a significant risk or no, and if deemed low risk the traveller would then be registered as approved. Approval could also be on the understanding that social distancing will be adhered to, and social isolation undertaken after travel. This would allow separated partners and family members to see each other again.

Why the contribution is important

Separation has serious affects on mental health, as well as posing practical difficulties for couples who have been forced to live separately. People with jobs in one place and families in another struggle with a support network, and are more likely to disobey lockdown as time draws on and no end is put in sight. Responsible travel, outwith public transport and undertaken infrequently, should be considered.

by Isra on May 05, 2020 at 04:16PM

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