Regular testing of Key Workers

Asymptomatic key workers must be a significant reason for the continued spread of the virus in the community, especially within car homes when it has been suggested that those with the virus are isolated. I would suggest that all keyworkers, especially NHS, Social care and Police officers are tested on a regular basis as they are coming into contact with all sectors of society and potentially spreading the virus, unknowingly to vulnerable members of the community as well as their own families.
It may be the case that you will find that keyworkers have had the virus unknowingly and can therefore go onto have an antibody test and participate in ongoing research.

Why the contribution is important

To reduce the spread of the virus in amongst the most vulnerable in society and save lost hours of crucial key workers on the frontline. with unnecessary isolation.

by Vicster on May 08, 2020 at 05:37AM

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  • Posted by Netty May 11, 2020 at 16:40

    i agree. As a health worker in direct contact more than 40 people a day outwith my own home I feel like a weak link. I am a health risk for my family and to my colleagues. If we are trying to test those at high risk in order to limit spread then i would start with health care workers.
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