Reinstate the lost health and social care support services

During this pandemic people who are in need of health and social care support have lost a great deal, if not all of their normal, basic level of support. Not only does this need reinstated, but social care support needs to be developed as an industry that pays considerably better and has better working conditions. It needs to be valued, recognising the commitment and skills that workers have.

Why the contribution is important

Our population is getting older and many social care support staff have had to self isolate, or not visit their clients for fear of spreading the virus between households. Therefore we need a much bigger workforce to meet the needs of the new normal for some time to come. There is also and expectation that increased social care support will be needed in the future as disabled people will want to realise their rights to Independent Living. The health and wellbeing of disabled people is particularly fragile just now with reduced or removed health and social care services, as well as reduced access to essential foods and medicines. Some have been reported as contemplating suicide. This is not a situation that can be ignored in a health and wellbeing economy.

by DHenderson on May 11, 2020 at 06:04PM

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