Relief for “Shielders”

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The shielding group seem largely overlooked as easing of lockdown dialogue is increasing. Shielders are in an intolerable situation with many completely isolated from life beyond their home. They need to get out for fresh air, natural daylight and some exercise. Safe areas need to be set up. Can areas in parks not be used. Even if it means temporary fencing erected it would allow this group to go out. Shielders could be tested. Many would need assistance. Test whoever can support them to go out to a safe area whether a family member or volunteer. Areas would need to be policed in terms of protection from others and social distancing observed. Mental and physical health, as well as social issues, need to be addressed for this group urgently.

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The shielding group is overlooked in terms of the chronic isolation and lack of support. Without a vaccine or effective treatment for Covid-19 “Shielders “ will undoubtedly have to remain like this for an unknown period of time. They need to be able to get out into the outside world in a safe way even for limited periods of time. Use testing to make this happen.

by Crowlady151 on May 07, 2020 at 09:51AM

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