Reopen for low risk households

The 'stay at home' message should be focused on those at most risk of serious health implications and those directly responsible for caring for them. Additional measures should be put in place to 'shield' the most vulnerable. Everyone else should return to work, initially emphasizing social distancing and progressively relaxing the guidance. Blanket instructions such as 'everyone over 65 stay at home' will be open to challenge under discrimination laws. The message therefore has to be based on personal choice. Inform the public what the risk factors are and support those who choose to stay home. Phase this in in 'test' areas if required.

Why the contribution is important

The data clearly shows the risk to those under 40 with no comorbidities (particularly obesity) is negligible. Allowing the virus to spread in those at lowest risk will result in an initial spike in *infections* with very few requiring hospitalisation. Over time infections will decrease due to herd immunity and the process will confer a degree of herd immunity on the general population. Allowing the virus to spread through low risk groups will allow the economy to re-start at least partially and prevent the loss of thousands of jobs and untold damage to our future. 'Protecting the NHS' assumes that we will be able to afford an NHS in the future. The longer we continue this stranglehold on the economy the less likely that will be.

by DerekWinton on May 11, 2020 at 02:19PM

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