Reopen zoos, botanic gardens, aquaria, and other ex situ forms

We are now investigating safely returning to work. Please consider a plan to safely reopen the zoos, botanic gardens, aquaria, and any other curated ex situ forms. Mental health is a primary concern during lockdown. Being encouraged to exercise daily, while helpful, it still limits the source of stimulus when remaining so close to home. This is limiting to our creativity and nature connectedness. Humans are instinctively drawn towards their natural surroundings, and many people have ignored lockdown regulations to satisfy their desire for all the things the outside gives us.

Why the contribution is important

Retailers have shown us it can be done safely. Foot-fall from visitors generates revenue to sustain these establishments, and sustains interest in their causes. A modem zoo is more than a collection of animals, but the animals are reportedly experiencing loneliness. They are, in effect, feeling the same sensory deprivation from lack of visitors as people do. Additionally, botanic gardens and aquaria could offer more colour and excitement than the outdoors of some entire cities. These institutions have not closed. They have just closed to the public. Safely letting them serve again as resources instead of just being a burden can only better the situation for all.

by MichaelM on May 08, 2020 at 11:00PM

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