Reopening of Schools and Childcare

The Scottish government should have a plan in place to allow kids back to school if even for a week or 2 before the summer break. Leaving children till August will have more catastrophic effects than the virus. In my child class of 32 only 12 are engaging in online learning. She’s P1. I am trying but with a toddler and a college education to complete no one is doing well. The English guidance has just been published and seems for the most part sensible. We need to see this from our government. I have and will continue to support the Scottish government and their decisions for now. The next review needs a concrete strategy on how we move forward for our children. They are forgotten in this. Keeping them home is cruel. Hearing how football and construction are in talks to return when our children’s education has been destroyed.

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The children are the future of this country.

by NBell88 on May 11, 2020 at 09:38PM

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