Respect differing needs by offering choice

Offering choice about how each person moves out of the lockdown within the parameters of what's possible due to continuing sector restrictions. Allow us each to choose out of several options of reduced restrictions. For instance, because I live on my own, I might choose to visit local family/friends once a week. Another person might choose a visit to relatives further afield. Someone else might prioritise going back to work (if distancing is possible) or to restart one activity per week. Government chooses what options are available and how many we can choose. We each choose which ones we do - and respect continuing restrictions for all the other options.

Why the contribution is important

We experience the lockdown in different ways. What's important to us right now - what we need - is different for us all. This would be really difficult to police. However, it might need less policing because it clearly respects everyone's needs, and values what's important to each of us.

by consultus on May 08, 2020 at 01:44PM

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