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I work in the banking sector. My role requires me to face the public and limit the amount of footfall into the branch. As social distancing is important even at this time and towards a "new normal" to aid in relieving stress on the NHS, I believe it essential to follow this rule till the numbers reduce and a vaccine or something similair becomes available. We have 8 colleagues in per day and limit the amount of people needing to process transactions which are not essential. However, I feel it is appropriate to also introduce this measure for any retail shops that might re-open. While people may not deem retail therapy or any shopping out with supermarkets essential, it well maybe for the sake of our economy bouncing back and eventually returning to noramality. I also think that public transport restrictions should remain the same to prevent the spread between cities and suburbs i.e Falkirk to Glasgow. Staff who work in customer facing roles should remain or be able to work in a local branch closest to them like myself. I travel by Public transport and now working in a closer branch as opposed to the Glasgow branch.

Why the contribution is important

From what I see when entering a supermarket and when working it is notibly clear that people are reaching their limit and are coming out of their homes for non essential things. When refused entry due to it not being essential they become incredibly frustrated and some become angry and confontational. Perhaps letting some retail shops open with limiting the footfall in a calm amd controlled manner would help ease up on people's frustrations so they are at least able to get out more often helping their mental and physical health. I really hope this has helped in some way.

by mjn on May 06, 2020 at 01:26PM

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