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I’m a social worker, currently working at home with 2 children. One due to start S1 and the other going into P6, I have been limited in how much assistance and time I can devote to home schooling because I’m working at home and busier than I would usually be. I have an autoimmune condition and whilst I’m desperate for them to see their friends and get back to school I don’t want their anxieties to increase by going to school. I’m feeling constantly guilty that I’m not able to help them more but have prioritised their health and mental wellbeing over formal education and I’m glad the Scottish Government and my children’s school continue to support children as well as the message that we should just be doing what’s right for us as a family. I’d love my P7 transitioning to S1 to at least be able to see the inside of his new school before going, whenever that is. Even small groups of kids being shown round over a week would ease some worries. Simple things like where classes are located, toilets, lockers etc.

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I don’t know if it’s important, just an idea from a person who lives in Scotland and wants to make sure the best thing happens for us all

by Vicky75 on May 07, 2020 at 01:11PM

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