Return to angling in Scotland

Currently, due to the lockdown- (which I believed was necessary) the time has come for the government to reconsider the health benefits and the loss of revenue to fisheries, angling shops - albeit controlled, to enable the fisheries who are currently receiving no income but still have to pay for costly food for the fish that they rear. Furthermore, all the Bed and Breakfast houses, Hotels are taking a tremendous loss of revenue which they can well NOT afford. It would be up to each hotel or B & B to make their own minds up whether to accept bookings or not.
Boat angling or Bank angling, also Salmon fishing and Pike fishing are carried out well apart for your next angler. Think very carefully what you are doing, there is no case for this ‘lockdown’ to continue.
David Bell AAPGAI.

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I believe we, as a nation are losing vast amounts of revenue from this
B pastime and eventually individuals will en bloc vote with there feet (not that I’m encouraging them to do so!) but reason dictates that people will have had enough.
I’m 78 years old, I have been in lockdown since the 5th March and self isolated because I believed it the right thing to do.
The handing out billions and billions of money has to be repaid sometime in the future - by who? Us, you, I and every individual in this country. It’s been a shambles from day one, lack of PPE, slow response to lockdown, broken promises regarding testing by Westminster and Boris Johnston who in the past denied the NHS workers a pay rise, now he’s had his life saved - they are all his special workers.
Yes, it sounds as though I’m p’d off, but when I look at what’s happening I fear for the future of our field sports. It should be the Scottish Government - not Westminster to decide for us and with assistance of Field sports organisations, they should not only consider the lifting of the lockdown of n a controlled fashion and for all Field sports, that includes stalking, fishing , shooting etc.,
David Bell AAPGAI

by DavidBell on May 05, 2020 at 04:02PM

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