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Would love to see our older children return to school and be able to sit SQA exams next year. If they were only in school for 2-3 days per week then spending the other days doing work at home the schools would be at 50% capacity. Class could be split between two rooms with the lesson being live streamed to the second class. Halls, learning plazas, Gym could be used as classes to enable social distancing. School could even use local leisure centres if located close enough.

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Our children need their education. They do not need the added stress of having their university plans squashed.

by Jen20 on May 11, 2020 at 12:44PM

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  • Posted by Feriface May 11, 2020 at 13:32

    This is a very risky idea. Those of us who have children know how understandably irresponsible children can be. Granted, some may be very responsible but in general most children, not unlike most adults, lack the capacity, knowledge or perhaps big picture view to keep the appropriate distance. I am sure that they will try but do we really want to risk this? In an age where we have such amazing technological advances surely we can devise a new way of teaching our children so they and everyone they will come into contact with will still be safe. We know how fast illnesses can spread in schools so why on earth is this even a consideration at this point. We need to see the back end of this virus before we even begin to talk about opening schools. I understand why some parents might be very anxious to get kids back to school but maybe now is the time to reset some of our value system around this. We cannot just continue as we were before. We need to re-evaluate why and how we did things the way we did and then reset if need be.
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