Return to Work for Low Risk People

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The risk to those under 45 is low, as demonstrated by ONS statistics. From these statistics it is unclear how many had underlying conditions or a very high BMI. It should be noted that 45 may not be the correct age for fit & healthy & older people may be low risk. The government should define those in the population that are low risk based on age & other risk factors. The lowest risk groups should be allowed to return to work soonest, as part of an approach to easing lockdown. We should continue to shelter those most at risk & this should be defined by science & statistics, which is developing all the time. This approach should be combined with other measures to allow social distancing in the workplace, test & trace etc to keep the spread as low as possible.

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The impact on the economy & long term societal consequences is likely to be devastating. Many more people in poverty will undoubtedly lead to reductions in life expectancy.

by JohnM543 on May 07, 2020 at 01:42AM

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