Returning to school

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I think a phased return to school before the normal summer holidays should be put in place. I think this should apply to Nursery, P7 and S4 where transitions are particularly important. I suggest that all learning assistants also return to school to help with education but also with social distancing of pupils. With schools being much emptier than normal, this would at a minimum, allow a practical assessment in situ to be made of the procedures and measures that will be needed to put in place when more children return. I wonder also if teachers should also be asked to return to their classrooms even if their pupils are not there. This would give access to their teaching resources and allow them to rearrange their classrooms (if possible) for social distancing. A teacher in their class would be be fairly isolated but having staff back in their work situation would enable safe social distancing measures to be put in place and trialled without the pressure of pupils being around at the same time,

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We need to get children back to school for their safety and for their life chances.

by dms68 on May 11, 2020 at 12:33PM

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