Review into levels of immunosuppression

Given that organ transplant often means different levels of immunosuppression in each individual and some having very low levels of suppression could there be a review into this guidance on shielding that takes this into account just as there is with asthma and copd for example so that restrictions in place may be eased if considered safe to do so.

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While shielding is of course required and appreciated for safety it is also extremely restrictive and having an impact on the mental health of some of the groups of people who have already been affected by medical trauma. Transplants were given to save and improve lives and some transplantees have only minor immunosuppression too. Being isolated long term does not feel fair or practical in these terms.

by Kazjack43 on May 06, 2020 at 02:22PM

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  • Posted by Ajm May 10, 2020 at 21:27

    Immunosuppression covers people with a range of conditions with various levels of immunosuppression. Shielding has been applied to this group based on their medication name, without considering dosage etc. More information from various countries is now available regarding those most at risk from Covid, and immunosuppression does not seem to feature highly in these studies.
    People on immunosuppression are already used to living with risk due to their underlying illness and long term medication. They are probably already some of the most careful people around and used to avoiding risky situations.
    Whilst the option of shielding must be available to those who really need it consideration should be given as to whether some people with immunosuppression can be removed from the shielding category which is hugely restrictive on lifestyle and unnecessarily damaging if not truly required.
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