Revise Stat Sick Pay Rules

Revise the statutory sick pay rules to be more realistic in line with people relying on their wages and tgerefore be more inclined to stay home if unwell.

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I currently, like many others in the private sector get statutory sick pay-ie, a very reduced rate, only paid after 3 days of continuous illness. I think peoples' fear of losing money as a result of being off sick and therefore losing wages they rely on to pay for food, mortgages, bills has played its part in the spread of this disease. People were knowingly turning up at work whilst ill as they do and (I admit, i have done in the past) through fear of losing income. If people felt secure financially and that they had a safety net, they would have been more willing to stay home and the spread could have been limited. There is obviously a small proportion of people who would try to take advantage of this but perhaps an idea would be a set number of allocated days a year.

by McJemc on May 08, 2020 at 10:16AM

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  • Posted by Cmnotzs May 09, 2020 at 17:19

    It also needs the reverse of this coin to be addressed at the same time - too many employers have punitive attendance rules. This also means people feel pressured into attending work when unwell which then leads to faster spread of colds and flu in workplaces. Clearly an employer needs to know they have the staff they need to deliver their business but they are going to need to look at introducing more flexibilty in supporting unwell colleagues.
  • Posted by mina412 May 10, 2020 at 18:11

    During my working life people always struggled into work with colds and bugs, which invariably went round the rest of us. This is because they did not get paid while off sick, or were being pressurised by managers to come in even though they were ill. If you want employees to stay absent for either 7 day or 14 days isolation, you need to start paying them. In particular Zero Hours contract workers do not get paid if they do not attend work. Companies, employers and Scottish Government need to look at Sick Pay legislation and do something about this. If you have rent, mortgage or a family to feed , or indeed live alone, you will not stay absent from work and leave yourself with no money coming in. Given that we are now in a position where attending work while ill will potentially cost lives. I think this needs URGENT attention. Especially with the amount of large company voices clamouring to get the general population back to work ASAP and the general concerns about the Economy.
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