Revoke the Scottish Government Dietary Guidelines

From the Website COVID-19 Fatality Rate by COMORBIDITY: PRE-EXISTING CONDITION DEATH RATE confirmed cases Cardiovascular disease 13.2% Diabetes 9.2% Chronic respiratory disease 8.0% Hypertension 8.4% Cancer 7.6% These advanced metabolic diseases are risk factors for Covid 19 and will be worse in Scotland as we have historically higher levels of ill health than other comparable countries. All of the these diseases can be, or are, exacerbated by bad diet, in some individuals the disease is caused by bad diet. There is global concern that the currently Dietary guidelines empathising high levels of sugar consumption (six teaspoonfuls per day of sugar per day in Scotland) and an otherwise high carbohydrate diet which cause spikes in blood glucose are inappropriate and failed in respect of the general population but positively menacing for diabetes sufferers. So revoke the Scottish Government dietary guidelines until a new set can be put in place. Until then simply counsel against no more than 10g of sugar per day.

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Diabetes sufferers are particularly at risk from Corona Virus and can improve their immunity from infection by eating more healthily, for them this means avoiding foods which cause blood sugar spikes.

by WMH004C on May 09, 2020 at 10:23AM

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