Risk Assessment

Whatever ease downs are suggested they have to have risk assessment attached. People wanting to visit family for instance should perhaps have a mileage limit and should know whether local facilities would be compromised if they had a car or bike accident whilst travelling. Same applies to work situations, do people have to use public transport and if so can social distancing be enforced on that mode of transport. We have all been enjoying fewer cars on the road so don't want to be encouraging people to use cars, increases pollution and risk of accident. Sports activities, can social distancing be achieved easily or not? How far would people have to travel to use them? Can they get there by means other than private car? It will be important to know how much unused capacity there is in hospitals in particular areas. Companies should be making risk assessments before they ask people to return to work and should be encouraged to find ways for people to work from home. Schools should carry out risk assessments to see how many children can be accommodated in classrooms using social distancing. Schools need better onsite cleaning and pre entry disinfecting.

Why the contribution is important

Because it allows calculated and safe release from lockdown in different environments.

by Ruthie on May 11, 2020 at 04:07PM

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