Safe re-opening of small gyms

The safe re-opening of smaller gyms or larger ones at a smaller capacity. Gyms should be allowed to reopen on the basis that;
- there are limited people in a time
- people are given the option to wear gloves/masks
-people are temperature tested on entry
- hand sanitiser readily available
-hand washing before entry
- back door exit so that people come in one way and leave another
- 30 minutes between pre booked sessions to clean and sanitize all equipment
- all equipment is safely spaced (2m apart)
-sanitizing of all machines after use (normal protocol)

Why the contribution is important

Health is of utmost importance at a time like this. Mental and physical. I see no reason why smaller gyms or larger ones can reopen if all safety measures are met. There is no difference in attending your local supermarket where there are safety measures in place and attending a gym that does the same.

Before lockdown, many gyms had upped their safety measures and it was working.

If the fast food chains are allowed to reopen and people aren't allowed to return to gyms to maintain a good level of health and fitness then we are encouraging obesity and we know that this decreases the chances of a great recovery from COVID-19 with obese people being 33% more likely to die from the virus.

The gym for many people is a safe haven, a place to escape their most inner thoughts and I know that this lockdown has been hard for so many people who haven't been able to exercise at their local gyms. Yes we are allowed to exercise outside but we all know that is isn't quite the same. We need to place our mental and physical health first.

We need our nation to be fit and healthy so we can beat this virus.

This does not mean that everyone needs to attend the gym but you should be able to have the choice and to feel safe if you choose to do so.

With all of these safety measures in place there is no reason why gyms cannot operate safely. I know for many people who own gyms are struggling right now financially and I would hate to see any smaller/private gyms close because they cannot reopen due to financial problems before the rumoured date of October.

I believe that gyms could SAFELY reopen come the end of May/June.

I know there will be people who disagree with this idea saying 'hot and sweaty bodies in the one place' but that simply isn't what the gyms will be like with these measures in place and if you feel this way, then you do not need to attend. There could be hot and sweaty bodies at your local supermarket.

Scotland alone should decide these re openings as we are different from England. We know that other countries around the world have allowed gyms to reopen because they have placed health and fitness as a priority including; Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Czech Republic and several states in the USA. I believe Scotland should follow suit in the coming month.

by courtneyt on May 10, 2020 at 03:00PM

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