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Being on the water is incredibly good for mental and physical health and in small boats such as dinghies, canoes, kayaks etc already is a form of social distancing. Risk assessments would have to be stricter than usual so as not to put pressure on emergency services and buildings would have to remain closed for the time being but as such water sports are among the most naturally distanced sports.

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Any lovers of the outdoors will have found lockdown difficult, especially those who were used to escaping onto the water from daily stresses. Scotland has vast expanses of water and there is no better way of relaxing than being in a little boat away from media and daily stresses. Dinghy sailing, rowing, kayaking and canoeing in boats small enough for single participants or household members allow natural social distancing as participants are already more than 2m from other people, they are good for physical and mental health and risks of transmission of any virus is extremely low.

by Kerstin on May 11, 2020 at 03:26AM

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  • Posted by nethymc1 May 11, 2020 at 10:06

    Agree completely. Activities as a family (or those that are safely carried out individually) could be opened up with a clear message. This process will need people to think and act responsibly. This 'responsibility' could be extended to many outdoor activities which naturally have far more social distancing built-in than walking down a relatively crowded local street.

    We have the space, let's stay active by accepting this and using it.
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