Based on Government guidance we have successfully locked down the region and protected the physical wellbeing of our communities. Essential to future planning and actions is continued clear guidance from the Government because it is that guidance that will enable communities to plan how to start up again and welcome visitors and tourists back to our region. Once the Government feel able to ease travel restrictions for the Nation, people will come and it is unrealistic to think otherwise.
All of us are currently working together to sustain a healthy community. The health and safety of all is paramount and this is our collective responsibility. Essential also to the wellbeing of our communities is employment and economic recovery. This returning to a ‘normal’ way of life guarantees the presence of visitors to our area. They are an essential part of bringing income to our communities. Many businesses cannot survive on the income generated just from the local residents so visitors are essential to them Those businesses are in turn an essential part of the fabric of our communities and must be helped and protected.
Where previously all visitors were welcomed, now visitors may be viewed with caution. We should be proactive in our thinking and planning, knowing that visitors will want to return to our region, and that they bring with them the opportunity of economic recovery rather than being a threat. We have all enjoyed the quietness, the closeness to nature, the slow-down of our lives, the sense of well-being by being supportive of each another. We want our empathy to be extended to visitors, because the economy and future wellbeing of the community will only be protected by developing and fostering safe tourism for all. Fostering and maintaining a sense of cooperation and cohesiveness: when some may feel threatened and experience anxiety is essential to support our residents.
Consistency of message and actions throughout our region are essential and therefore suggest communities help the Government produce ‘A Charter for Safe Tourism’, a community agreed plan and document to deliver respectful tourism. The outcome being that residents feel and remain safe whilst welcoming visitors to our region again.
This will enable visitors to be welcomed and they will be encouraged to be respectful of our environment and community health: this could be applied in practical ways with visitors given a copy of the ‘Charter for Safe Tourism’, wide use of sanitisers, maintaining social distancing at all times, proper disposal of rubbish and waste, use of ppe where appropriate and business’ dealing with visitors in a consistent manner.
Continual monitoring of the health and wellbeing of our residents and swift action taken if required is a key element to ensuring the success of this.

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Guards the wellbeing of the Highland Communities whilst welcoming Visitors to return

by UllapoolCommunityTrust on May 11, 2020 at 09:59PM

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