Safe zones for shielders &their families

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All shielders seem to be getting pumped into the one catagory - old and infirm Many of us are not - many of us are physically fit and able and require a lot of exercise to maintain this. Many shielders have their (often young) families doing the same to keep them safe. Would it be possible to allow zoned / safe areas to allow for families to exercise / play together, particularly as many do not have their own garden around the city centres. Exercise equipment is inaccessible or extortionate at the moment.

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We are trying to bring down the curve of covid cases and admissions Doing so without helping the mental / physical health of shielders, risks the serious rise in mental and physical health issues There are many young families shielding and we are happy to keep doing so - but it would help to have more support and recognition that physical and mental health are vital right now when we do not have any contact with anyone else right now

by KirstySutherland on May 06, 2020 at 10:30AM

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