Safety - past, present, future

With a severe reduction in speeding fines due to the lack of vehicles on the road, why are the police not fining people out on non-essential journeys? The government could do with some help in repaying the billions paid out to help people, some of whom are clearly not helping themselves or others! I know of a house party where there were members of the police force included in the revellers, where there are car parks in rural areas that are absolutely stacked full to overflowing with cars (when they are not usually) where people are out enjoying the countryside in crowds, people driving out of town to take their dogs for 3 hour long walks, OAP's (75yrs+) going to Aldi by bus to buy flowers for the garden (no they are not senile, just stubborn and bloody minded!). If the rest of us are staying at home, or just doing what we need to, why should we have to suffer longer term for these violators?

Why the contribution is important

It is important for these people to help the rest of us in reducing the R factor to a level where is it safe for ALL of us to be safe. If they are not called to account, why should the rest of society sit back and let them do what they want? We should have proper RULES in place, not guidance. France & Spain have RULES which are heavily policed (fines in Spain are about 300Euros!). Why are we so spineless? The Government and the Police have this in their hands, to reduce the effect even more, USE IT! The quicker it is stopped, the better life will be afterwards.

by Tracey on May 08, 2020 at 10:21AM

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