Save our relationships - allow couple to see each other if they live in seperate households.

These days relationships are rarely between childhood sweethearts or even couples from the same town. So why not allow couples to "rekindle" or refresh their relationships, especially where circumstances have made it difficult for regular communication. Set a limit of say 30 miles for allowed travelling, both parties must subscribe to any track and trace app and if requested attend a testing centre. Anyone found travelling without the app or utilising any advisory PPE is fined and banned from further travel.

This is one of the areas where it is likely that any restrictions will be broken, so why not legitimise it but also regulate it. The general public are going to have to be tested for either the virus itself or antibodies (when available), so this is one group that could be identified easily.

Why the contribution is important

Many relationships will have been strained, especially if one partner has been attending a hospital for non-covid treatment. I appreciate that advice was given at the start of lockdown to the effect of "move in together and see if it works" but for many this wasn't an option. As previously stated as things are relaxed there will be many in this group who will consider breaking the rules, so providing that a few simple conditions are followed this will not only ease tensions for those concerned but also allow the Police to pursue other duties rather than dealing with these people.

by MarkG1969 on May 08, 2020 at 07:59AM

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