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I would suggest that school/college room layouts change from the old layout. Put the desks around the walls with 6 ft between the students, and an island or 2 in the middle. The teacher is still at the top of the room with the screen/board.

The most important changes will be using tablets and PCs to look at the information and the classes can be live broadcast via microsoft or zoom etc and half the class can be in and half off at home BUT ALL are still in class.

Also VENTILATION. It is usually far to hot and stuffing in modern rooms and this is unhealthy in normal times and creates a build up of CO2 which isnt go for study anyhow. Open the windows..put on a jumper.

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The sapceing is important as is ventilation and I believe these simple changes while we have the virus around will be beneficial.

by student19 on May 06, 2020 at 02:31PM

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  • Posted by Lucy1980 May 07, 2020 at 01:27

    Even if this was done, schools have up to 33 children in a class and they still wouldn’t be 2m apart.
  • Posted by juliasimpson May 07, 2020 at 10:36

    This wouldn't be practical, the rooms are just not big enough for a full class to attend allowing 2 metre distance in every direction. There needs to be a different approach in the short term whether that is to continue remote teaching but ensure every student has access to technology or rotation of students within buildings which are then deep cleaned between days. Not ideal though.
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