School reopening

I don’t see what is wrong with varied terms that differ from what we are used to. I have two teens in education: one school other in a college both in their final years. If the remainder of this term were to finish say mid June and schools resumed beg of Aug they could split the Oct break of two weeks into at end of Sept and other towards end Oct. This would mean our society would be shielded for longer with the R rate given a more effective chance to subside. There is no rush in getting them back. With some of us in multi generational households it seems a safer and more sensible option. The UK Gov are demonstrating recklessness in my opinion at even thinking of allowing schools to return when the death and infection rates are not under control yet.

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We ought to be more radical in our thinking about how best to protect everyone. The infection rates could go up should there be too much relaxation of social distancing rules. Engagement can happen online where there is collective effort. This protective measure will not only not disadvantage educational needs but protect vulnerable people from unnecessary harm.
Steps taken now that help contain the virus will benefit us all. We should tie ourselves into conventional modes of operation but tweak them to meet current needs.

by Tnahsiram007 on May 10, 2020 at 10:49PM

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