School return Aug to current year group

It looks unlikely that schools will return before summer holidays. If they return in August children should go back to their current class and teacher and year group until September weekend (or longer). This would especially apply to those in p7 and nursery who could return there and spend time preparing properly for transition. Children will need time to re-adjust to school life after such a long break and having to move to a new class / school could be very unsettling for some, especially those transitioning to secondary. That 6-week block up to September would also let them enjoy those important last stages of primary together with their classmates, and end their primary school days in a positive way. It seems unnecessary to move them immediately after the summer break.

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To assist p7 and nursery pupils with transition and re-adjusting to school life. To give them time to enjoy final stages of nursery / primary and the things they have missed out on because these have ended so abruptly - perhaps leavers’ assemblies, discos, trips if rules allow for these. Also, for other children, to return to stability of same teacher / classmates when they first go back.

by Katie on May 05, 2020 at 02:35PM

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  • Posted by Margaret May 05, 2020 at 16:49

    This would be ideal for most, apart from the early years provision which would struggle to allocate for the "new intake" of nursery age children if the older ones were not able to progress to school. Maybe providing more pre-school support and moving the age of school children up by a year would be possible. In other countries, schooling starts at a later age than here so it's not unheard of. Many kids find schooling at home difficult as do working parents trying to enforce it and have suffered as a result.
  • Posted by cherry May 08, 2020 at 22:40

    OMG please dont ever think putting a child back is a good idea, when all they want to do is move forward.
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