School return for seniors only

A return for pupil preparing for national courses in June would begin to bring back some form of normality.

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The current process of using estimates as exam grades is not good enough. Different schools are using different ways to evaluate and consistency is key for any young person growing up. This is also the group who are most likely to stick to social distancing because they will understand the risks of not doing it (ie going back into lockdown)

by lc_mcmxc on May 08, 2020 at 10:05AM

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  • Posted by Alimo May 08, 2020 at 10:30

    Introduce phased return before end June for all pupils sitting exams next year, especially Highers (even just for two weeks). Make sure they have concrete work for every subject to do before return (fingers crossed) in August. May be necessary to provide some pupils with iPads and somewhere to access wifi to ensure they don't lose out. It's vital to ensure our older children don't lag behind their peers elsewhere. At the moment, the schoolwork being handed out is completely haphazard. It should be business as usual for these children, as far as possible. Teenagers need structure if they are to be motivated.
  • Posted by Debs May 08, 2020 at 13:57

    SQA have really made a mess of this. Can't believe they did not have a plan in place in case exams where cancelled for any reason. I would expect a contingency plan would be in place to be implemented. All businesses have plans for senarios which they do not expect to happen. They should be held to task after this is all over through a parlimentary review. I agree that the most senior years should return first for the reasons you have stated but also because this years results will be a shambles and this age group should be given the best chance for 2021 exams. It is also important to state that not all students have a suitable area to do school work therefore if the scottish gov is serious about closing the attainment gap this is the group that must return first
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