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I’m sure that this is already considered, but as a former Depute Head Teacher here’s how I would proceed: Over 16s can work from home, with weekly meetings with teachers in small groups . They don’t need childcare and parents can check in to see that they’ve attended lessons. In secondary schools, pupils stay put and teachers move from class to class. Defer school admissions for P1 and S1 until January. Gives schools a chance to deal with immediate concerns. ( I know nursery capacity could then be an issue, but there are ideas for that too!) Vulnerable young people still need personal attachment to school. They can be accommodated if other agencies/third sector can be engaged to help supervision and support within schools. They can still learn onscreen ( if schools can’t accommodate social distancing, can other places such as community centres and libraries?). Foundation Apprenticeship framework needs to be more ‘centre stage’ to accommodate young people who won’t be attending university/ college.

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We can’t deal with all concerns at once. Sort out the current pupils first. Foundation Apprenticeships should be encouraged as it brings in a whole other sector ( college, SDS) and gives apprenticeships the same status as university entrance. Employers ( especially those with government contracts) should consider extended work experience opportunities to accommodate these young people so that when the economy picks up we have a skilled workforce.

by CazMcP on May 07, 2020 at 10:38PM

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