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As it looks now that our childrens education is not as important as opening garden centres can the Government please change the summer holidays, pull them forward to June and July so that the children can hopefully get back to proper education in July. There could be no argument from the unions over this as the teachers can't go anywhere on holiday as we still can't go anywhere or do anything!

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Childrens education is paramount and needs to be a higher priority than appears to currently be!

by GHeg on May 11, 2020 at 08:14AM

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  • Posted by JillPowlettBrown May 11, 2020 at 10:23

    I'd agree with this in principle, but as a staged return with priority given to children who are due to sit exams next year. Primary school children have less awareness of physical distancing, and although it seems they are not catching the virus nevertheless they could be carriers. I also have a concern around childcare, especially if parents are returning to work. I'm a granny who happily provides childcare three afternoons of the school week, but I am also in the over-70s age group which looks likely to be low down the list to be 'unlocked' Although fit and well, and not in the extremely vulnerable group, I think I - and those like me - should be considered as key workers as schools reopen, and included in the priority group for 'test, track and trace'. That way, my grandchildrens' parents can have some reassurance that I have had the virus (if I have), and can plan if I develop symptoms and need to self-isolate again.
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