School Zoom Classes

Teachers to hold a daily zoom class for kids to give them a structure to the day. Can be a mix of fun and learning but at least keeps a structure similar to the school day which makes it easier for parents to plan the day. If all kids attend at the same time it will help drive awareness and popularity and keep eveyone involved

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Structure, planning, inclusion

by FrannyMcG on May 06, 2020 at 08:35AM

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  • Posted by fharcourt May 06, 2020 at 09:26

    Will be nearly impossible for those teachers with young children of their own - currently they can work early in the morning, whenever childcare allows during the day (ad hoc) and after children's bedtime.

    For working parents with young children - will be difficult to commit to a zoom time (as parent will have to be present to help), to tie in around their own meetings/work commitments - currently, children's school work can be done around work commitments.
  • Posted by Rachael May 06, 2020 at 09:26

    Great idea on paper but has huge issues - Zoom isn’t a secure enough platform and many schools have banned it. Also, if pupils aren’t engaging with work sent home already why would they suddenly engage in a video chat?
  • Posted by Jones17 May 06, 2020 at 10:27

    The assumption here is that everyone has access to the correct equipment, I suspect decent broadband might also be an issue - ours is not great & chromebooks are limited at the local schools.
  • Posted by FrannyMcG May 07, 2020 at 15:09

    Fair points but do we need to make perfect the enemy of the good?
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