Schooling-extending the final year at Primary level and that leading up to GSE

Try and reduce the negative attitudes currently promulgated on the media, about children from poorer and "vulnerable"are never likely to catch up with their "better off peers".I have met many well paid Professionals
whose parents paid for extra coaching eg in Mathematics in order that they could gain entry into Medicine and or the Sciences ,at degree level.
Similarly,those over Seventy years old will be able to remember, as I do, being Quarantined on developing infectious diseases such as Mumps/Measles and Chicken Pox.Libraries used to supply Books and other Reading Materials and arrange for their collection and disinfection after use.
Such strategies worked well in the "Forties and Fifties".Today with the dependency on IT equipment that is reliable and safeguarded it may advisable to stop talking about Educational Deprivation being inevitable and extend the time in that all children spend in their final year at Primary and or Secondary level as a temporary measure,with some extra coaching for those that require it.

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I believe that many of the views being generated on the media, about children being inevitably damaged by their loss of schooling is too fatalistic .Even when the 11 plus selection procedure was at its' height,there developed a recognition that there had to be a way to allow some secondary school children to move into the grammar school system .
We cannot afford to let the UK develop an elitism in which talented children are once again lost to society
because concerned and well meaning people, unintentionally reinforce Keith Josephs'"cycle of deprivation"as an inevitability, rather than a description of what happened, at the time.

by FionaB on May 05, 2020 at 03:23PM

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