In order for businesses to get up and running again there has to be regular school attendance. There are Many medical extracts that now advise children are not the “super spreaders” they were thought to be at the beginning of the pandemic. With the proposed amount of time children will be spending at school even the NHS won’t function as staff won’t be able to work due to child care issues. My daughter’s key worker nursery is already full at the 30% capacity leaving no space for non- key workers children to attend once the furlough period is over and business reopen. The reliance on grandparents is also vital for childcare and a sweep statement about over 70’s was not perhaps the right thing. There are many 70 year olds fitter than some 40 year olds. By too much restriction on school attendance and grandparents looking after children there are going to be many job losses and even key services will struggle to maintain even what they are providing now.

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We need to get back to a new normal, a new normal shouldn’t be having less of a sustainable NHS than we have now. Shops being empty as there are no staff to deliver/ stack the shelves. Job losses will lead to increased mental health issues, child poverty, homelessness etc We have to live along side covid-19 and the future education of our children can’t suffer

by Goldylocks on May 06, 2020 at 06:18PM

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