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Trying to educate and teach children can be difficult but perhaps the current situation would allow for interested members of the public to create material which highlights in practise what in trying to be taught. An example would be children asking why they have to solve something like Find x when y=3x-2 Now I feel it would be more interesting to children if you asked Find out how many times you can visit the cinema of you always go with two others and you always need to buy 2 lots of popcorn. You only have £25 Find the number of followers that Sarah has on Twitter if her Instagram followers are 3 times the amount of her Twitter followers plus 200,000. She has 1.5 M Instagram followers. You could have other public members verify the questions before final check by a teacher prior to being issued to schools for use.

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It would allow for a greater level of motivation and interest from the children. It also makes for more relevance for children as you often hear people commenting that they never need or use what they learnt at school.

by MarkC0520 on May 06, 2020 at 01:52AM

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