Schools need to be staffed effectively before return

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We can’t look at going back to school the way we have done previously. This is the time to be looking at school structures and reevaluate them. The virus has taught us that we need to look to a new norm, rather than waiting and hoping we can go back to how things were. As part of cuts, lots of schools had to cut support staff in the masses, this includes lots of cleaning staff. To have a safe return to education for all we need to look to a new system rather than temporary half cooked solutions. Staffing levels and positions need looking at and recruiting to. Instead of a small team of cleaners giving a ‘lick and a flick’ we need to recruit a large team that clean after each session (needs looking at in different settings of age) Equipment like dining hall tables need adjusting and operational systems need considering. Ie perhaps staggered lunches and breaks to allow proper spacing Maybe more teaching staff and smaller class sizes. This will help with Enforcing social distancing and also benefit learning PPE for school staff and additional washing facilities brought into classrooms to allow more frequent washing being supervised Government changes to allow businesses to recruit to flexi hours and home working where it hasn’t been considered before. Zoom lessons as part of the schools core business and teachers on a rota that is part ‘contact’ I.e in school and part online teaching. Exam boards to consider new ways of exams taking place to allow for social distancing going forwards. Year groups split over days to allow proper deep cleaning after each day. Budget allocated to schools for resources to be able to teach online and also to issues pupils with online learning equipment, even for nursery age children to be able to work with age appropriate content. Online portals properly set up by school staff with long term social distancing in mind. This will need consideration for each age group and perhaps portals with preloaded content for children to study. This requires time for teachers to meet and lesson plan with different mediums and platforms in mind (new to a lot of people so training may be required) IT support staffing considered Break time activities to be considered and additional structure and staffing put in place. Flexi schooling approach, with schools able to support this style of learning going forwards. School structures analysed and changed to suit the new normal Businesses to have grants to allow working from home a certain amount of days We all need to change the way we do things as our Community is so inter twined. We can't consider opening schools as an isolated decision, it must go Hand in hand wHand what is being decided for business and all the mew ways of working.

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I have worked in a lot of educational settings and I'm also a parent worried about my 3 children. I've also worked in social services and so know the issues faced By lots of vulnerable children at present

by Mumsofboys on May 07, 2020 at 06:46AM

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