Schools return in August

As a teacher, I would be happy to return to school mid June, with pupils returning in August. Primary teachers need to devise a plan for returning to classrooms, clear out this year's class materials and meet with staff to agree a way forward.
Classroom layout of desks, cloakrooms, toilet arrangements, playground and lunches are all massive discussions that need to be addressed.
We are a joint campus school with over 500 pupils going through a lunch hall in 1 hour. This is not possible.

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Pupils and staff need to be safe. Will masks be provided to all by the government? How do we keep pupils 2M apart in toilets, when they ask to go out? My classroom is tiny, how do I hear reading by groups who normally come down to the carpet and sit to read to me in groups of about 8? Marking of jotters? Touching homework jotters coming in from homes??? Too many problems to consider, staff need to discuss and prepare for this coming in August before pupils are upon us.

by corihag22 on May 10, 2020 at 06:52PM

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  • Posted by SAR May 10, 2020 at 19:20

    Proper cleaning of schools also must be done before staff return. I’m sure many teachers would be happy to help with this.
  • Posted by pwr6666 May 10, 2020 at 19:55

    Why do we presume there is a need to have a school summer break in 2020? There is no need to focus on an August return for our children and working parents (to restore livelihoods). Let’s not rush our children and teachers back too early, plan now and in June for maintaining distancing measures where possible and have P7s and S3-6 to return in July. Teachers then require a holiday of course so let’s keep a 2 or 3 week break at the end of July/early August before the start of the new term.
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