Scotland’s coronavirus response

Ensure all people in the vulnerable category are shielded until a vaccine or treatment can be found. Use the new Louisa Jordan hospital to treat those in the shielded category and anyone from nursing/ care homes. Ensure anyone who has symptoms in a care home is transferred Over to the Louisa Jordon where practically possible anyone being transferred back into a care home should have been tested as is in place and in isolation for 14 days also. Face coverings should be made mandatory in public places where people would find it difficult to socially distance for example public transport, shops and taxis. With the end of furlough scheme coming closer its time to look at the industry’s most at risk of collapse, hospitality & Tourism these sectors should have the scheme extended or a universal living allowance set up in Scotland for all who are in or out of work with a minimum of £150 per week payable and council tax exemptions where applicable. People who receive the allowance and are out of work could be put in to public sector jobs or organisations. I.e road sweeping litter collector, grass mowing or any other required role depending on skills disabilities or any other specific requirements.

Why the contribution is important

It’s important to get the vulnerable the care they require in the settings that are the safest. It’s also important that those effected are financially supported. It’s important to put the health and well-being first, this also includes mental health.

by fraserbaillie90 on May 11, 2020 at 01:14PM

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