Scottish Government - be more open and inclusive

We elect government to govern on our behalf and, under normal circumstances, we in Scotland should be pretty happy with the way we are governed.
But these days are not normal and we need to see a bit more tailoring of the the way that our government governs us.
So, as suggestions, could we ask Holyrood to:
1. As necessary, diverge from, and stop following slavishly, the disastrous way that the Westminster government is dealing with the situation.
2. Inform and involve us all more in the effort.
3. Do not just tell us what not to do. Explain how we can help to avoid doing things that will set back the efforts.
4. Give us the tools to be more involved - teach us how to conduct our days in a way that understands and minimises risk. Everything we do normally in life involves consideration of the situation and the risks involved and then acting accordingly. Help all of us to, more actively, practice risk assessment and risk management in combating the virus.

Without doubt, the future will require more attention to what is going on round us at every moment because, unfortunately, we have been sleepwalking through life.
We need not life in abject fear in the future but we do need to become more aware, caring, and careful.

The future is in our own hands. Scotland is a wonderful place, populated by wonderful people. We all (including Government) need to help ourselves to help all of us.

Why the contribution is important

Because this is a moment in time. We can choose to let our future crumble and become bleak for generations or we can rise to the challenge and show the world who we are.

by netsavings on May 10, 2020 at 08:32AM

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