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I am pleased to see the stance that the First Minister is taking following the changes to lockdown decided by Westminster. I am NOT an SNP voter but I am impressed with the calm, measured attitude that Nicola Sturgeon has taken in dealing with the process of lockdown over the last few weeks. A lot of good common sense has been applied. It is sensible to plan practical steps, in consultation with business and education experts, as well as the public , as has been done through this dialogue. Thank you

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It is important that the people are well informed so they are not confused. They will then follow guidance willingly if its purpose is clear

by grace on May 11, 2020 at 04:59PM

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  • Posted by ArchieM May 11, 2020 at 17:14

    Clear and well informed ...
    What is this elusive R number what is the target ?
    What are the number of tests being conducted daily
    Are we anywhere near utilising every test available.

    Why has the public not been allowed to ask questions on her daily briefing?
    Why had the media not been allowed follow up questions?

    Why were rings of steel not put around Care homes in March when France Italy and Spain told us that they had significant numbers of deaths within their individual countries cate homes.

    So no I simply cannot accept that this has been handled clearly and concisely by the Scottish Government.
  • Posted by margarett May 11, 2020 at 17:46

    Yes there have been mistakes but we have to try and mitigate these errors and I think Nicola Sturgeon has been clear in her daily statements as she herself has admitted there have been flaws. Keep the lockdown in place until positive cases are down, otherwise the next step of TTI will be a shambles as will happen in England. The Westminster Govt went on at great length about the 5 criteria that would need to be met in order to ease restrictions, as far as I can see only 1 of these measures looks to have been achieved. Stick to your guns Nicola.
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