Scrap this, it's mostly people shouting their selfish reckons

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All decisions should be guided by scientific evidence and regard for public health. I'd love to go to the beach or see my family, I'm stuck in all day every day with a toddler, but there is more at stake right now that getting your nails done or having a picnic. We know what's required: Test, Trace, Isolate. Financial support for individuals, long-term this likely means UBI (which SotGov can't implement). Support for businesses that benefit society, a reckoning for those that harm society. An economic transformation with ecology and sustainability at its heart. Thorough preparation for future pandemics. The rest is just selfish whining. Give it a rest and grow up.

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This problem will not go away on its own and has revealed the cracks in our economy and ecology that can no longer be tolerated.

by RandomUser on May 07, 2020 at 11:23AM

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