Seek volunteers to continue lockdown

When it comes to ending the lockdown, seek volunteers who are prepared to continue it in order that others can be 'released' earlier, which will keep overall numbers 'out & about' down and thus limit the further spread of the virus.

Why the contribution is important

The key thing in reducing ongoing transmission of the virus in the future will be to minimise the number of interactions between people (and thus potential onward spread of the virus). Some people are finding lockdown emotionally & financially very difficult and need to be allowed to resume (new) normal as soon as possible. Others, by contrast, are coping well and could continue for a while longer. So it would make sense for the latter to volunteer to continue to stay at home to assist in efforts to contain the virus. If necessary this could be incentivised in some way to ensure sufficient people are engaged to make a significant difference.

by Jamie on May 05, 2020 at 03:13PM

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