Segmentation of Lifting Lockdown

The lifting should be determined by the risks involved rather than being a simplistic mantra.
It is clear that being outside away from others is no risk to anyone whereas at the other extreme in an enclosed space with a lot of others close together is a higher risk. Between these 2 there are numerous
other situations and the guiding principle should be "What is the risk?".
The current stay at home served it's purpose, but for many this achieved nothing as if you haven't the virus you can't pass it on.
Every business and activity should be assessed with the what is the risk which will dependent not only on
the proximity but the prevalence of the virus in the LOCAL area. Scotland is sparsely populated and there need to be recognition of this , so dependent on this, the approach must be different in cities from rural areas.
Individuals have to make this call .
There is no certainty that a vaccine will be available in the near future or perhaps ever so everyone business and activity needs to examine how it can function with a minimum of risk, not no risk.
The virus will be with us for years and we will have to accommodate this and accept there is a risk, rather than shutting down life for months or years which is not sustainable. Are we going to close Schools for a year ?
Individuals make decisions on risk every day and within broad guidelines this has to resume.

Why the contribution is important

The current stay at home was a simplistic approach which served it's purpose and now we need to adapt this to the reality that the risk of the virus will be with us for possibly years.
Where there is little or no risk ALL these activities must resume as failing this individuals will start to ignore the message and the framework will be broken .

Some people will ignore whatever the message BUT the majority want to see a reason behind being told to do something and if there is no reason then the whole system will break down.

by change20 on May 11, 2020 at 08:34AM

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  • Posted by Phoebe May 11, 2020 at 13:20

    Using risk analysis is a good idea. The practical application is problematic. We need a combination of biosecurity expert, behaviourist, statistician, enforcement officers and communication experts to develop this. ie risk analysis, risk assessment, communications, and proposed actions. It is likely by AGE will come first, by JOB routine may be next. We also have to be blunt and communicate that a good and rational reduction of lockdown by phase will not appear 'fair'. Of course it is not because the difference in risk for age groups, races, recreation activities and jobs is not fair or equal. But it is fair because if the reduction of lockdown is correctly engaged it will mean that it will be rare for one member of society to place another member of society at an 'unfair' risk
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