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It seems absurd that my 12 year old granddaughter who currently lives with me along with her mother, can travel hundreds of miles to see her father and his extended family, while I am unable to see my two other daughters and grandchildren who live nearby. Apart from that, I am in the extremely vulnerable group which seems to make a nonsense of the whole thing.

My granddaughter travels to Manchester which I understand is an area which has a high number of COVID19 cases, along with Liverpool and the West Midlands. Her father also is working outside the home so I wonder what protection is in place there. I contacted Shared Parenting who in turn sought legal advice, and this is considered feasible. I would imagine in the circumstances a bubble with my daughters is a reasonable assumption.

Apart from that, we are a grieving family. I lost my husband to Prostate cancer last year (although he had a virus/infection which looked suspiciously like COVID19). I was recovering from cancer treatment and my youngest daughter was undergoing cancer treatment. Some months before, another daughter lost her 54 year old husband to a sub dural haematoma. So, we are approaching the anniversary of all these problems and it would be nice to be together, at least momentarily, to remember our loved ones. If there is an upside, it is that I was able to care for my husband in his final weeks and we were able to give both him and my son in law wonderful send offs and celebrations of their lives, something many can't do in the present climate.

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We are a very stoical family but really feel the need for some slight relaxation of the rules to grieve as a family., given the events of the previous year.

by helens939 on May 05, 2020 at 09:07PM

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