Sheilding and school children

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I think one of my main worries is that if schools reopen before sheilding stops that children could be expected to be back in school while people are expected to shield. There is an increased risk of children bringing the infection home and it cant always be manageable to isolate within a smaller house. I think continuing home based learning for children who's parents are sheilding if they wish to keep children at home if they feel the risk is too much. I'm also thinking that it would be helpful to be able to go for a drive in the car once a week if sheilding is to continue after the 12 weeks.

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To protect the most vulnerable group of patients that could drain nhs resources if they are infected by corona virus. Getting out to a quiet place would allow people sheilding the chance to get fresh air and help mental health if this is a long term thing. I think most people sheilding take the responsibility for their health and are more likely to stick to sheilding if there is some things allowed to make it more sustainable.

by Paulamassie on May 06, 2020 at 11:26PM

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