Shielding advice as lockdown lifts

I am in England but as the Scottish government is publishing options ahead of the rest of the UK, I feel this should be open to others to respond given this is a UK-wide situation. Consideration needs to be given to some very limited changes for those shielding (and the rest of their household who are affectively having to shield as well - you cannot socially distance within a household if you are carer for the shielded person). Shielding people and their carers within the same household should be allowed out of the home as long as they are in an enclosed vehicle given the mental health problems caused by having to stay at home for months on end, particularly as the rest of the population starts to gain additional freedom. Consideration should be given to allowing them to go outdoors where there is a very significant distance from other people i.e. not in shopping areas, town centres, urban parks etc It is important that families shielding are allowed to get a 'change of scene' periodically

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Due to the mental health problems associated with an indefinite lockdown for shielded households

by Mark on May 05, 2020 at 02:45PM

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