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Retail will need to change. Everyone will have to move in ONE DIRECTION and the floors needs the 2m marks like in the food/supermarkets shops. Sanitizer at the entrance and exits, and people need to be wearing masks for everyone elses protecting (so many pre covid-19 would simply sneeze without a tissue).

Numbers will have to be controlled inside any retail establishment, plastic protectors in front of the tills, and gloves worn by customer assistants at the tills if handling money.

All this needs to be made a legal requirement, and something all shops need to adhere to. We all learn fast, and most people behave and have patience.

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Simple things work. Its working at supermarkets. Just make sure its a legal requirement while we have the pandemic.

by student19 on May 08, 2020 at 09:58AM

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  • Posted by Wulan19 May 08, 2020 at 14:21

    There are one why signs in shops I go to that are completely ignored by most, there's a lot of stupid selfish people around unfortunately. Sometimes the staff themselves block off access. Agree that's it's sensible, but disagree that most people are likely to conform or be patient. Enforcement will be needed, people are too selfish these days.
  • Posted by harshtruth May 09, 2020 at 21:18

    Gonnae be really honest with you, you wee student you!
    Morrisons have it wrong. Don't visit the Gyle whatever you do. Listen up, I'm banned from driving and would you believe it, they have an actual obstacle course to get to the checkouts. It was so bad that I dislocated my wrist the first time and never attempted it a 2nd. They let me jump the queue and all but I felt absolutely rotten mind you because I don't want my disability to give me any priviledges over others; I just want to be seen as a normal person.

    Maybe use a bit of common sense then huh? Blimey, you have no idea how many situations I've seen with poor planning so far in supermarkets.

    Also what's with the masks? This isn't planning for an anti-fa rally, it's planning a supermarket journey. Wash your hands, wear gloves if you've got 'em. I've had to wear gloves for 8 bloomin' years now and let me tell you it's expensive. Sanitize yourself and practice some common sense. It's just a journey to a supermarket. Don't overcomplicate it.

    Really, this wasn't worth a slot on this board. It's bloomin' spam.
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