Shop opening and Increased No of people on streets

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I am not concerned with my shop opening - as a sole trader in cosmetics I am one person with a small shop so can limit the people entering and supply hand sanitiser and socially distance. I am concerned with the number of people passing each other on the High St and other shopping streets. I think you should limit the no of people on a street - non essential High St shopping should be done by allocating days to the first letter of a surname for example and excluding the Mc part of a name Of course this will be on trust but I think most people would comply - no one wants to catch the virus. You can definitely control the no of people in shopping centres and perhaps gate some streets.

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It would reduce the number of people passing each other on the street - you typically see people stop and chat in the street quite close together so it might reduce this risk..

by jackiejmitchell on May 07, 2020 at 11:26AM

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