Short term fix to food supply chains for long term benefits

This is not about supermarket deliveries! Covid has highlighted the capacity limit of online supermarket deliveries and click/ collect systems. Another thread covers this. My proposal is for concerted support for non-supermarket supply chains, including locally based wholesalers, fish suppliers, farm shops and other 'key worker'-related food supply chain contributors (of whom I am not one!) to help them set up distribution systems where not already that allow them to grow sustainably whilst providing better social-distancing compliant localised supply chains. This might include help with business scaling to involve logistics and recruitment/ employment (eg drivers), enhancing web/ online presence and facilities (for easier ordering), etc. It may also include scaling the food production itself, where these are primary producers.

Why the contribution is important

If implemented efficiently, quickly and with confidence this would result in short term fixes that have long term benefits to society, environment and businesses hence society as a whole, making best use of any immediate public (our) money for the long term.

by traineecrofter on May 07, 2020 at 02:46PM

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